Rev Theory Interview на англ

В этом разделе говорим о группе Rev Theory, делимся мыслями насчет альбомов, текстах и многом другом
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Rev Theory Interview на англ

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Rev Theory Interview на англ

Montia, Nigel Dupree Band, and Rev Theory took the stage at Tiblow Days at Bonner Springs, Kansas. Before the show Tom Caprefoli of KC Productions Live and I got the chance to sit down and talk with Rev Theory’s singer Rich Luzzi.

1. What is going on with the band right now?
Well we just took some time off but we’re getting ready to release our second single from our Justice record, the new single is called “The Fire” and it goes to the radio on August 30th. Then we will be hitting the road in October with Five Finger Death Punch.

2. This is your second time playing at Tiblow Days, what brought you back this second time?
We just love coming back here. All the people and fans are great, we are treated fantastically, and it’s just a great show to be a part of.

3. You’ve been touring since Feb 2011 and before that only took a break to work on your “Justice” album? Any plans to take a break?
We’ve actually been touring on and off since Feb., we’ve had off much more time than we are used to, which isn’t a bad thing. But again we have the FFDP tour coming up, which will also include the bands All That Remains and Hatebreed.

4. Playing so many shows, what do you do to not make the shows feel repetitive, but stay fresh? Do you like to change up the set lists each show? Do you feel obligated to play the hits or do you prefer to play favorites?
Part of being in a band is to find the right set, with the right songs that work together. So when you find that grove you kind of stick with it. From tour to tour we will change it up a little bit, by switching songs and the set up. But we don’t really like to mess with what works. You always want to play the hits and then we will fill in-between songs with our favorites. Then everyone gets the chance to put their own input in.

5. In your career is there one show that stands out above the rest?
I would say it was the first Rockfest we played in 2005-2006; we were on the side stage. I think there were 30,000 people and was the largest show we had played up till then. So now every year we look forward to getting the chance to play Rockfest again.

6. Who/what is the biggest influence in your musical career?
I got to grow up during the Grunge era, so bands like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, or Nirvana had a pretty big influence on me. Any singers you liked above the rest? I love Scott Weiland (STP), he’s got that little bit of growl but still got that sex appeal. Also Eddie Vedder is just a wild man, he’s crazy. Plus Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, he’s pretty much one of the best rock singers ever.

7. How was it working with legendary producer Terry Date on the Justice album?
It was fantastic; he pushed the hell out of us. Because he’s an old school guy, he doesn’t believe in using computer to control all aspects of the record. So everything you hear on that record was recorded live to tape and then dumped into computers. So it’s raw, aggressive, and has emotion on it. There’s mistakes on it and out of tune guitars. It’s not like the slick records you’re hearing today and that’s something we were going for. We didn’t want it to be perfect, we wanted it to be real. Will you try to use him on the next record? We’ll see what happens, each record we like to write the songs first and then see who’s going to be best for those songs. So again we’ll just see what happens.

8. Stupid question of the interview. If Rev Theory was to record a cover song, what would it be? Any particular reason why?
Well we do cover Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike” it’s one of my favorites. It’s so cool as Vedder and Cornell are together singing. I get to do Vedder’s part and Maddy (Rev Theory’s bassist), who is an amazing vocalist, gets to do Cornell’s part. He can hit the high notes, so it’s fun to cover that song.